We are the change, we are an idea, and we are the trendsetters. We want a world where there is no judgment, no compromises, just freedom to express yourself and be whoever you want to be. We want to break the stereotype and give plus-size women the confidence, care and fashionable ammunition needed to conquer the world.

While other brands try to cover you up, we want the world to see how dope, stylish, and incredible you are.

 Started by a millennial tired of seeing the same covered-up, drab looks for the plus-sized women of Singapore, Riot Ready is here to disrupt the fashion industry with styles that speak to the playful, chill woman who’s unafraid and unapologetic about taking risks.

 So get wild, get rebellious –– get a little weird if you wanna. We’re here to help you find your style without breaking the bank. So no more hiding, break free, shatter the stereotype and get ready for the Riot! (But figuratively guys, we aren’t here to start wars, only spread love.)